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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you run your classes and 1:1 sessions

I am based on the Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire border and cover areas up to 30 minutes drive from my home just outside of Hitchin. Session prices for 1:1's include me coming to your location provided you live within that area

For details of current local classes being run please click on the link below

Cancellation of live sessions

We all know that things come up with life from time to time.

I do ask for 24 hours notice to avoid full charge for any scheduled appointments. This is because with more notice I can fill the space and it doesn't lead to a knock on effect of not having enough appointments to see everyone. 

For classes unless the class itself is cancelled unfortunately I am unable to refund your session within a course booking 

How do the online sessions work?

Once you've signed up, a mobile number will be sent to you to contact me to arrange your first video session. During this session we'll discuss your current situation and give some exercises to complete in-between our sessions, followed up by monthly phone consults there onward via video link 

The videos are there to help you remember any exercises we've discussed during a session

How do I know which programme is for me?

You'll start with a initial consultation and screening where we can work together to decide the right starting point for you


Each of the programmes are designed to support your individual levels and needs

Always start with your weakest area. If you have diastasis recti regardless how fit you are otherwise you'll need to address that before moving forwards

I have specific medical conditions that might affect my progress in the course

I  would ask anyone with any specific medical conditions to consult with their health professional prior to starting our programmes. I do welcome referrals from medical professionals and would ask for contact details of any medical professional you are currently undergoing care with so that we can work together on your rehab

I can't commit to long exercise schedules with the kids being around

I advocate the importance of finding time for yourself - It's not uncommon to regularly put your own needs last in your family - it's important to remember that you as a mum are also only human and require your own cup to be full for you to pour into anyone else's. Everything we set together will be manageable for you and your situation

I'm struggling with limitations - pelvic floor, diastasis recti (abdominal separation), weak wrists, back pain?

I'll show you how to modify things for any workout but  will also help you progress these so you can get back to doing anything you want to do fitness wise. The beauty of being able to bespoke my programmes to your needs means that I can alter anything that doesn't suit you perfectly

I am breastfeeding/pregnant can I start?

Yes absolutely! Your joints will be more mobile due to your hormones but we have lots of non impact options to work from. We'll need to discuss your needs prior to beginning but once you've undertaken an initial assessment and been given the all clear from your health professionals then there's no reason why not. Exercise during pregnancy has great benefits to both mum and baby

When will I be ready to start post birth?

Signs you're ready to begin a new exercise regime:

1. Your GP gives you the go-ahead. This is a mandatory part of any of our programmes. Regardless of your exercise history beforehand your body and core is totally different pregnant to before and even more different post natal to pregnant. Get advice at your 6/8 week check up with your GP before getting your running shoes out as overdoing it too soon can have medical complications

2. You are healing well and feeling comfortable - nobody heals at the same rate and every persons birth and healing will be different. If you have experienced tearing or a C-Section your healing may take a little longer than someone who didn't. You should wait until you have no pain from daily movements and are performing everyday tasks with ease before embarking on extra activity

3. You are no longer bleeding, daily tasks are manageable and you feel your mental and physical energy levels are returning enough to take on an additional task in to your week. Meeting the demands of your new family can be intense and that's for me the main reason I exercised - to give myself back some time for me, it helped improve my energy levels, nutrition and sleep but I waited until I had enough energy in the first place to begin

4. You aren't having any other medical complications that should seek advice from your GP before beginning any exercise regime - dizziness/chest pains/back pain/hip pain/scar pulling/pain/blood pressure issues/nausea or frequent headaches

I've used online programmes before but I need more support

As standard everyone who takes out an online programme will receive a monthly video consultation - this is provided as ongoing support for motivation, form and posture checks and also that all important check in for your needs as they change from month to month

How do I access the content?

You'll follow the link in the log in page to log in using our app to view the videos to follow along. You can access this on any device - either mobile or desktop/laptop computer

How do I make payment?

All of our programmes are available to purchase using either this website or you are welcome to contact me directly using the contact form page to discuss things prior to signing up

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