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Nutrition Guides for women's wellness

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Nutrition for hormonal balance


Eating for balanced hormones and life-long wellness


For many women their hormones play a huge part in their lives. With many noticing their fluctuations in mood, energy, food cravings, ability to sleep, libido, weight and many more.

In this document I’ll be discussing an overview on hormones and how lifestyle factors such as stress, bowel habits and nutrition can affect them and vice versa. I’ll discuss and present current research into things that really work to give you better hormonal balance. 

Imbalances can occur when there is too much or too little of any particular hormone within the bloodstream. Your hormones affect everything and in return everything affects your hormones.


Hormones regulate every biological process, such as muscle growth, heart rate and menstrual cycle. Dependent on how well balanced your hormones are will have an impact on how well your body is able to do these functions and many more.  

How would you know if you had an imbalance of hormones? 
Common symptoms could include; 

- Hot flashes/night sweats

- Bilateral pounding headaches

- Insomnia

- Recurrent yeast infections

- Breast swelling and tenderness

- Nausea, cramps, bloating

- Leg cramps

- Yellow tinged skin

- Excessive vaginal bleeding

- Anxiety and irritability

- Irregular menstrual cycles

- Low libido

- Weight gain

- Digestive problems

- Fatigue 

To find out more about what causes an imbalance of hormones and what steps you can make to improving your symptoms sign up below for £18.99

As part of the guide you will also receive access to one of my Rest and Restore Pilates classes (please ensure you have completed both health questionnaires on sign up)

Optimal Nutrition for healing and health in the Post Natal period

The food we consume has the ability to aid healing, provide long lasting energy, give greater quality of sleep and help us balance our hormones. It is one of the simplest ways we can action good long-term health in ourselves and yet at times it can be overwhelming and confusing with so much advice out there

"A cut or trauma to the body (of any kind so let’s think about a graze to the hand for example) takes approximately a year to fully heal all those layers of tissue, skin and internal structures. So if we are trying to heal pelvic floor, diastasis recti or recovering from a C-section our nutrition is key to supporting that.

Muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia are made up mostly of collagen so if we support collagen repair we can have a helping hand in speeding up the recovery process for the body. So if we are thinking of healing diastasis recti then we need to look at how the collagen repair is being fuelled... " read more in my blog 


My guide to Optimal Nutrition for HEALTH, HEALING and ENERGY

Is live and available to purchase now using this link below!


Perfect for all stages of pregnancy and motherhood


Learn how to

✅Balance your hormones
✅Fight against cravings
✅Best the energy highs and lows and mid afternoon crashes 
✅learn how to heal your diastasis recti and pelvic floor faster through what you eat
✅increase your quality of sleep
✅boost your mood
✅learn the exact number of calories you really need to lose or maintain weight
✅learn what foods are essential during pregnancy and the post natal period 
✅example recipes of family friendly and quick to cook meals

All for just £9.99

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