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Joanna Diplock

I am a mother of 2 who understands the challenges that parenthood can bring both mentally and physically to your health and fitness. 

Energy, time and head-space are commonly running on low levels and sometimes it can be difficult to know where to begin. This is particularly true if you are having troubles overcoming  weakened core or postural changes following pregnancy

As Pregnancy, Post Natal and Women's Health specialist I began my journey as a personal trainer, nutritionist and Pilates trainer in 2009 which is where many of the influences for exercises stem from. My programmes are a mix of functional based training, real life movement, cardio, Pilates and core restorative exercises to build some unique, time efficient programmes. Tried and tested by both myself and the hundreds of women in my classes and 1:1 sessions all these programmes have the same thing at their heart - results.


When I'm not teaching I am forever a student - I love to learn more about women's health in all aspects. Failing that you can find me walking with my dog, playing with my girls, arguing about who's had the most sleep with my husband, enjoying healthy food (and chocolate!) and drinking pink gin

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