The Motherhood Movement App

Our app allows you to log in to view your exercise session straight away - so no matter what day or time it is you get immediate access to all your information on payment for the programme - no waiting for start dates/the right time or place to begin - simply sign up and you are ready to go

The app is easy to use and free to download - all you need to do is choose the programme you want to purchase and click through - on signing up you can then download the app saving it directly to your mobile device

The app contains all the information you'll need to complete your workout. From a full list of exercises, reps and sets to a detailed breakdown to the what/how and why each of those exercises was specifically chosen for you along with a video to follow if you are unsure. That way you'll never be unsure if you are doing it wrong

Once you get more confident with the exercises you'll be able to optionally print off your workouts and as you progress up the levels get out a timer for timing your exercises 

You can also use the app to log any additional exercise sessions you do outside of the ones we set (for example a run or why not make up your own workout) and all completed workouts are visible to the Motherhood Movement team so we can keep track and celebrate your results with you

Your workouts will be scheduled to you for completion to help keep you motivated and on track. You'll have access to your programme for 12 weeks from purchase and each programme has 3-5 phases to work through keeping things progressing at a safe and effective level

You'll have the option to log your nutrition and hydration on the app to track your macro-nutrient intake ensuring you are working to fuelling your goals 

All 1:1 and online programme users have access to this app

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