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Karla G reviewed The Motherhood Movement – 5 star


Joanna’s knowledge and support has been amazing and she really helped me to learn more about my postnatal self and has made me so much stronger and functional. Before I started the programme I had pain, decreased function and lack of confidence and I felt lost. Joanna’s approach is very simple but so effective! I Highly recommend the online programmes.

Nikki T reviewed The Motherhood Movement – 5 star

My son is now 2 & we have been going to Jo’s classes on & off since he was months old.
I have nothing but praise for Jo and her classes. She is knowledgeable and intuitive and will always try to help if there are any specific issues.
The classes are not just for the immediate post natal period, the classes are relevant at any time because often the issues that arise postnatally stay with us!
The babies/tots have a brilliant time too (& never worry if they’re grumpy, it’s absolutely no problem!).
Thanks Jo, be back to join you again soon. Nikki

Libby D reviewed The Motherhood Movement – 5 star

Jo’s classes and online programmes are fantastic! I completed a number of the postnatal courses during maternity leave and was so sad to have to finish. Jo has a lovely way of making you feel at ease, the classes are progressive and she takes a genuine interest in making sure everyone gets the best from the sessions, tailored to their own abilities. The ability to also follow along at home with the online programme was really helpful, with videos and thorough explanations of each exercise. I couldn’t recommend highly enough. I also had a few 1:1 sessions with Jo during my pregnancy, which kept me sane and prepared me well for the demands of labour and beyond! Utterly professional, very knowledgeable and totally approachable, you won’t regret getting involved in whatever capacity you choose.

Alison W  recommends The Motherhood Movement.

I would highly recommend Jo’s online workouts; they’ve made a huge difference to my postnatal rehab following a number of problems causing daily pain.
Jo is so friendly and informative and talks you through any problems or changes so that you can really understand what is happening and how to help yourself.
Thank you for everything Jo!

Laura E  recommends The Motherhood Movement.

I first started attending post natal classes with Joanna in 2016 after I had my son. I wasn't sure what to expect but was struggling with post pregnancy niggles so thought I would give it a shot. I soon learnt from the knowledgeable Joanna that I had various things going on and she started working with me in and outside of classes with 1-2-1s to help me tackle these problem areas, strengthen my weak areas and loosen the right bits. I have benefited so much from Joanna programmes, advise and the on going support through 1-2-1 session and online programmes personalised to my needs. 3 years later and another baby, I am still following Joanna's programmes. She was amazing at supporting me through pregnancy and again afterwards and over the last year post daughter. 7 months ago I moved to Wiltshire and was worried I wouldn't be able to get the same level of support now I can't have 1-2-1s however Joanna has started to do regularly video call catch ups with me and changing my programme where needed based on where I am and what I need to focus on.
I don't know what I would now do if I didn't have Joanna and her programmes to follow. I've learnt so much about not only the importance of looking after your body especially during and after pregnancy but what my body is doing, why and how to work on it. Joanna explains everything and I would not be as strong or able if it wasn't for these programmes and her on going support. It has honestly all made such a huge difference.
Thank you so much and I can highly recommend Joanna's classes and online programmes, whatever your abilities, pre, during or post pregnancy

Hollie B reviewed  – 5 star

I was lucky enough to win a one on one session with Jo and have a plan to correct my ab gap, strengthen my core, realign my wonky body and generally repair the damage that two almost back to back pregnancies has done to my body! I am doing my exercises and expect I'll be back to see Jo soon to review my progress.

Emma H reviewed  – 5 star

I have been going to Jo's classes for the last 6 months and it has been so much fun and brilliant for getting back in shape from having my daughter. Jo is so patient, accommodating and incredibly knowledgeable which makes mixing pilates and babies easy! I now feel back to my old self and I can thank Jo for that

Joanna L reviewed  – 5 star


I went to Jo initially after my first child.... and she worked wonders. I then had a 2nd child within 15 months and I felt my body was wrecked. And she has worked wonders again. I feel so much happier, stronger and confident. It's not just about the pilates. It's Pilates with a side of lifestyle as well and a place to meet other mums and babies.

Katy L reviewed  – 5 star

Jo is a wonderful teacher who brings knowledge and passion to her classes. I attended with my 5month old baby and I managed to complete most exercises due to Jo's calm delivery and understanding of the babies demands throughout the class. I would highly recommend this class to new mums who want to get back into shape safely.

Louise F reviewed – 5 star

I've been having 1-to-1 sessions with Jo for a good while now and would highly recommend her. She really goes above and beyond to create a targeted routine that suits your body. I was really suffering with back and hip problems since pregnancy and birth and Jo has helped me strengthen my body so I'm in a much better state. For anyone considering trying out 1-to-1s, do give it a go!

Rosie L reviewed  – 5 star

These classes are brilliant. I go to the post natal classes on a Monday and it is so nice to be able to do something during the week (with baby in tow) that is all about me. Jo is very knowledgeable and very encouraging. I always come away from sessions feeling better and stronger.

Sarah B reviewed  – 5 star

This pilates class has really helped to start get my body back into alignment following pregnancy/birth. It has made me so much more aware of what is good and bad for my body and I am slowly starting to feel the tightness in my body (that has built up from carrying baby etc) release. Jo is really friendly and supportive too. All babies (no matter how active and noisy) are welcome, which has been brilliant.

Emma M reviewed – 5 star

I have throughly enjoyed post natal Pilates with Jo. She is an excellent teacher, inspiring, encouraging and experienced. She is also very patient with babies and I have found her to be really welcoming, even when my little one has been a pain in the backside! I would encourage any new mum to do the courses. It's a fun and gentle way to get your body back in shape and your baby is always welcome. Thank you Jo for supporting me back to fitness! Xxx

Sarah C reviewed – 5 star


I’ve just finished my second course with Jo and absolutely loved it. It gave me a true hour each week to feel like I was giving something back to my body post baby and of course to actually relax!!! Its definitely made me feel stronger (inside) again. Jo tailored the exercises by adding another level to allow you to get a little more from each exercise if you wanted which was brilliant when it came to my second course. And it was lovely to bring bubba along too. I will be back (with or without baby number 2!)
Thank you Jo x

Emma P reviewed  – 5 star

I've been attending Jo's post natal pilates for the last 6 months, I would definitely recommend these classes for anyone looking to get back in shape after having a baby. Classes are relaxed and babies are welcome which is great, the little ones provide some fun entertainment! Jo encourages you to work at your own pace and gives you different options so you can work to the level you are most comfortable with. Having had a Caesarian I was unsure how to start exercising again but these classes gave me the foundation to start gentle exercise and I found myself getting stronger every week. Since having my baby I've managed to loose a stone in baby weight with a combination of pilates, exercise and diet, thank you Jo for being a big part of this �

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Katie C reviewed – 5 star

I did a few courses back to back throughout my maternity leave and looked forward to every Monday morning! Very helpful and informative when learning how to heal after birth/pregnancy. I found it gave me some 'me' time but a fantastic set up with the babies there too! Jo is lovely and always willing to help answer any questions and very focussed on making sure everyone is performing the exercises correctly and looking at everyone's individual issues.

Sinéad R  recommends

I’ve almost completed my first course with Jo and have really enjoyed it. Jo is a fantastic teacher and I’m already seeing great results (working on a diastasis recti). Would highly recommend!

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