Diastasis Recti Rehab Programme 

Diastasis Recti or commonly known as abdominal separation is a unique to the individual occurrence. 100% of mothers at 35 weeks have abdominal separation but 44% carry this post the 8 week period. This can lead to poor posture, back pain, a lack of core functionality and what's commonly referred to as a mummy tummy. The programme will talk you through the exercise contradictions for what not to do, give you safe and effective exercises to heal along with example nutrition plan for healing.​​ No one woman has the exact same scenario, symptoms nor are there a one-sized approach which would solve this. 

For some women we need to look deeper at areas of the body that are stopping progress naturally - perhaps in tightness or weakness and for some women it's a matter of strengthening areas that have become over-stretched and weak. For some it's a big mixture of the two. 

For this exact reason this is a bespoke plan - with monthly video consultations followed up with "homework" exercises to do in-between sessions using the app

No minimum sign up, you can stay on the programme as long as you like as it will keep rolling until you let me know you'd like to cancel

How to check if you have Diastasis Recti

Who's this programme for?

Mums who..

  • Want an online, based easy to use programme that you can complete at any time with support for less than £2 per day

  • Want to learn what's stopping their abdominal separation from healing

  • Want to learn which strength and release exercises are key to restoring core function and healing diastasis recti

  • Want to decrease their back, hip and neck pain

  • Want to know how to fuel with optimal nutrition for healing the diastasis recti

  • Want to provide long lasting core strength and function

  • Want to increase pelvic floor strength

  • Want more than  list of exercises to follow - in our programmes you'll have access to online support; allowing access for individual series, exercise form feedback as well as meeting an getting support from other like-minded mums in the same situation

  • Want a workout that suits your time scale - shorter and longer workouts to suit your available time

  • Want a workout that you can do anywhere - using the online app - travelling away or no access to a gym - no problem

*Please note that my online services are only available to those based in the UK and Ireland

£39 per  month


The Motherhood Movement programmes all require you to have completed your GP sign off appointment prior to beginning. You should always consult your medical professional before embarking on any new exercise regime


By embarking on the programmes you agree that you are;


  • Over 18 years of age

  • Are responsible for informing us you wish to cancel - without informing us the programme will continue to roll (and of course you'll still have access to it) even after your schedule finishes

  • Responsible for ensuring that you are capable of joining and continuing with a programme from a health and fitness perspective. If you unsure or suffer from any medical condition please seek advice from a health professional prior to beginning a programme.

  • Responsible for informing us of any medical conditions or injuries (no matter how small they may seem) that may require modifications to your programme 

  • Responsible for contacting your health professional should you become unwell or injured 

  • Understand that The Motherhood Movement does not qualify as medical advice and we always recommend a post birth check up from a women's health physio - such practitioners can be found locally here - www.themummymot.com

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