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Prenatal Workout

Pregnancy Classes
1:1s are available by request

Pregnancy Pilates and wellness package

This pregnancy online Pilates and Functional Movement Package contains;


  • 6 mini movement follow along to videos including;

Chest openers and arm strength x 2, Introduction to working your core in pregnancy, Functional strength for post natal and during pregnancy, Birth preparation stretches and foot and ankle mobility/strength.

  • A 20 minute follow along video for Pelvic Girdle Pain relief

  • 2 x full 40 minute Pilates class follow along to workouts designed to strengthen and improve your posture during pregnancy whilst easing aches and pains.

  • A pregnancy strength workout broken down in individual exercises

  • A pregnancy flexibility workout broken down in individual exercises

You will also receive a copy of my "Optimal nutrition during pregnancy and energy and healing in postpartum" guide

All of these workouts are suitable for duration of pregnancy from 12 weeks onwards to birth. Do these classes in your own time whenever suits you.

Rest and Restore Pilates for Pregnancy

5 classes ranging from 30-55 minutes specifically designed for those who are pregnant and wanting to connect to their body and baby. 

The classes will stretch and restore balance in tight areas of the body, allow your ribs space to breathe easier and prepare your mind and body for birth using movement, meditation and positive affirmations.

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