Current class schedule 2020 (during social distancing)

Classes are kept small to ensure you receive the same attention and experience as in a live class.

My class timetable changes every week - to stay in touch with that please either message me directly or visit my facebook or instagram social media pages where this s published regularly

If you haven't attended my classes before that is absolutely fine to do so in an online format. Please do contact me beforehand however to discuss your boy and needs so I can keep things safe and effective for you


Post Natal Pilates 

Activates and strengthens abdominal and pelvic floor muscles especially beneficial during pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and rehabilitation of back, pelvic and hip pain. Helps to develop a deeper understanding of your own body. Your body will begin to move more freely, enhancing your body's flexibility and balance. We will also use specific breathing techniques to ensure that you RESET your core system from pregnancy and birth and address any misfiring and excessive pressure that can create issues with the pelvic floor and the abdominals ability to work. Suitable from your GP sign off appointment. These classes are usually run on a course only basis (all classes are drop in during lockdown)

Babies are welcome in classes both online and live classes

Rest and Restore Pilates

With us dealing with differing levels of stress in our lives, it is often ourselves that we put down at the bottom of the list of priorities. In order that we can give focus to other areas of our lives we need to ensure that our own cup is full. It needs to be so full that it spills over the top, spilling into the saucer where often can drink from. This class aids to re-fill your cup through gentle stretching, restorative pilates movements and guided meditation script

Mat Pilates and Workshops 

Classes using movements from Joseph Pilates original Contrology work and/or functional movement. Get stronger, more flexible and a better understanding of your body from the inside out. Work on your deep core muscles and posture. Workshops that I've run in the past have included pregnancy, post natal pelvic floor, core rehab, Pilates for sports, nutrition, relaxation

To book on to any class online please use the link below and drop me a message to confirm which is your intended class





"I’ve just finished my second course with Jo and absolutely loved it. It gave me a true hour each week to feel like I was giving something back to my body post baby and of course to actually relax!!! Its definitely made me feel stronger (inside) again. Jo tailored the exercises by adding another level to allow you to get a little more from each exercise if you wanted which was brilliant when it came to my second course. And it was lovely to bring bubba along too. I will be back (with or without baby number 2!) 
Thank you Jo x"

"I have just finished my second course of postnatal Pilates with Jo. The class has improved my strength and definitely helped the diastasis recti separation I had. My baby and I both enjoyed the class and I would recommend jo to anyone in need of rehab and to learn how to relax and in my case actually breathe! Super class, sign yourself up!"

"I did a few courses back to back throughout my maternity leave and looked forward to every Monday morning! Very helpful and informative when learning how to heal after birth/pregnancy. I found it gave me some 'me' time but a fantastic set up with the babies there too! Jo is lovely and always willing to help answer any questions and very focussed on making sure everyone is performing the exercises correctly and looking at everyone's individual issues."

"Have just finished the post natal course for this term and have loved it. Jo is a fantastic instructor and being able to bring babies along makes the class so much easier to get to. The exercises have dramatically reduced the amount of lower back and hip pain I've had since pregnancy and would I definitely recommend to anyone having any problems. Just a shame I can't continue next term, thanks Jo."

"I've been attending Jo's post natal pilates for the last 6 months, I would definitely recommend these classes for anyone looking to get back in shape after having a baby. Classes are relaxed and babies are welcome which is great, the little ones provide some fun entertainment! Jo encourages you to work at your own pace and gives you different options so you can work to the level you are most comfortable with. Having had a Caesarian I was unsure how to start exercising again but these classes gave me the foundation to start gentle exercise and I found myself getting stronger every week. Since having my baby I've managed to loose a stone in baby weight with a combination of pilates, exercise and diet, thank you Jo for being a big part of this"

"These classes are brilliant. I go to the post natal classes on a Monday and it is so nice to be able to do something during the week (with baby in tow) that is all about me. Jo is very knowledgeable and very encouraging. I always come away from sessions feeling better and stronger"

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