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Current class schedule 2020 July - October

Both remote and live classes are kept to small numbers so booking is essential

If you haven't attended my classes before that is absolutely fine to do so in an online format. Please do contact me beforehand however to discuss your body and needs so I can keep things safe and effective for you



Post Natal Pilates 

NEW term begins September 2020 BOTH online and face to face Henlow Pavillion SG16 6AP

Activates and strengthens abdominal and pelvic floor muscles especially beneficial during pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and rehabilitation of back, pelvic and hip pain. Helps to develop a deeper understanding of your own body. Your body will begin to move more freely, enhancing your body's flexibility and balance. We will also use specific breathing techniques to ensure that you RESET your core system from pregnancy and birth and address any misfiring and excessive pressure that can create issues with the pelvic floor and the abdominals ability to work. Suitable from your GP sign off appointment. These classes are usually run on a course only basis

Babies are welcome in classes both online and live classes (currently live sessions require non-mobile babies for social distancing)

*BONUS CONTENT* recorded class discussing core and pelvic floor rehab AND postpartum nutrition for energy and healing is included in September's term sign up. If you miss a class in person or just prefer to join me from home you will have access to the recorded class*


Rest and Restore Pilates

Wednesdays's 7:30pm from 29th July

With us dealing with differing levels of stress in our lives, it is often ourselves that we put down at the bottom of the list of priorities. In order that we can give focus to other areas of our lives we need to ensure that our own cup is full. It needs to be so full that it spills over the top, spilling into the saucer where often can drink from. This class aids to re-fill your cup through gentle stretching, restorative pilates movements and guided meditation script. Suitable for all levels including pregnancy

Booking is essential

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