Initial Assessment

Nobody's body is the same

Your past history, your current situation and your future goals will be completley different from anyone else.

For that reason its important to us that we don't use a one size fits all approach. As an individual you'll need to discuss the things that make up your current needs.


Things like your pregnancy, your stress levels, your available time to exercise, your home support, your quality of nutrition and your current fitness levels are all things to be considered before we go on to deeply screen for medical issues and body dysfunctions so we can place you on the perfect path for you.

A phone consultation is free of charge, and a follow up initial consultation and bespoke programming session is charged at £42 - this is offered both in person and online via video link for those unable to make an in person session. If you are moving on to the online programmes following this initial assessment session you would sign up and continue at £39 a month. Your ongoing monthly support call is included in this same cost

Please leave a brief message relating to your needs and a contact number 


The Motherhood Movement programmes all require you to have completed your GP sign off appointment prior to beginning. You should always consult your medical professional before embarking on any new exercise regime


By embarking on the programmes you agree that you are;


  • Over 18 years of age

  • Are responsible for informing us you wish to cancel - without informing us the programme will continue to roll (and of course you'll still have access to it) even after your schedule finishes

  • Responsible for ensuring that you are capable of joining and continuing with a programme from a health and fitness perspective. If you unsure or suffer from any medical condition please seek advice from a health professional prior to beginning a programme.

  • Responsible for informing us of any medical conditions or injuries (no matter how small they may seem) that may require modifications to your programme 

  • Responsible for contacting your health professional should you become unwell or injured 

  • Understand that The Motherhood Movement does not qualify as medical advice and we always recommend a post birth check up from a women's health physio - such practitioners can be found locally here -

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