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Practising Yoga

Mixed Ability Pilates 

An 8 week workout plan of mixed ability Pilates

Each week you'll have 5 x suggested workouts that vary in length of time and 2 x 30 minute cardio sessions that you can choose to perform however you like (Go for a 30 minute run/walk or cycle or even dance around your kitchen if you like!)


 You can choose to make the sessions easier or harder by choosing the options during the classes.

You can choose to stick to the suggested schedule and complete as many of the workouts as you can or instead just pick and choose from the workouts list in any order you prefer. 

When your 8 weeks of scheduling is over you simply re-start your schedule and the chance to complete the workouts as planned begins again (how many can you tick off!?). Payment for this package runs on a monthly rolling subscription but you can withdraw your future payments at any point that you wish to no longer receive access to the workouts from.

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