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12 Day Barre Trial

Get 12 days of scheduled Barre classes for just £14.99 with this limited offer

What is Barre Control?
Barre Control is a fantastic class that incorporates ballet, Pilates and strengthening movements
together to create a full body workout that's simply addictive. It's benefits include;

Makes you stronger: The isometric contractions that make up the bulk of a barre class occur when the muscle tenses without changing length. What’s wonderful about the one-inch movements is that you can hold a posture and benefit from continuously engaging the muscle, but you also get a mini-recovery with each pulse, so you can stay in the hold longer.

Targets multiple muscle groups at once: It’s a highly efficient workout since you’re doing two to four movements—holding, pulsing, stretching—at a time in each move. Working all these areas at once also helps raise the heart rate.

Improves mind and body concentration: The smaller movements in a barre class can bring a new level of awareness to the body that you don’t get in regular strength workouts. Barre can improve muscular activation for frequently underused muscles by strengthening the neuromuscular (mind-body) connection.

Increases endurance: The constant strength training also helps with increasing your heart rate and endurance. The small movements are done fast-paced style, with short breaks here and there to catch your breath.

It’s fun and upbeat:  barre is a fun and exciting way to way workout. The atmosphere will make the workout enjoyable, so you’ll want to keep coming back for more!

Weight loss: The barre targets the largest muscle groups in the body (like the thighs and glutes). The larger the muscle, the more calories burned. As you continue, you will begin to build more lean muscle mass, raising your metabolic rate, which can help you produce more energy and burn more calories.

Core strength: The beauty of the barre is that you engage your core the entire time – so even if you are working the arms or thighs, you are always engaging, and therefore strengthening, the core as well. A strong core can increase your performance in all other activities in your life, whether you’re playing tennis or just lifting your children.

Improves flexibility: Ballet stretches are a major part of the session done at the end of each interval, so the muscles are elongated and therefore balance and alignment are achieved.

Increases bone health: The more you practice barre, your muscles get stronger. The constant tension and resistance placed on the muscles has an effect on bones that makes them stronger, which is key to reducing the risk of osteoporosis with age

This offer runs from 6th November - 3rd December. Classes will be removed after the initial 12 days unless full memberhsip is taken out.

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