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Hello, my name is Jo, a mother of 2 who understands the challenges that parenthood and times of hormonal flux can bring both mentally and physically to your health, fitness and lifestyle.  

I am a women's health specialist Personal trainer, Nutritionist and Pilates instructor running 1:1 sessions throughout the week from my home studio (SG16) or online/mobile if needed and group Pilates / Barre classes online and in-person. 

I can help you with:


- Strength and birth preparation during pregnancy

- Exercises and rehab for pelvic floor dysfunction (Hypertonic pelvic floor /Prolapse/ weak pelvic floor)

- Diastasis Recti and C-Section rehab

- Back to running training

- Personal training for fitness / strength and weight loss goals

- Postpartum exercise

- Post Natal Pilates

- Mixed ability Pilates

- Pregnancy Pilates

- Posture improvement

- Nutrition for energy during pregnancy and postpartum

- Functional body movement

-Women's hormone health

- Peri-menopause, menopause

- Mindfulness and restorative Pilates

- Barre and Pre-School Yoga

- Online programmes to follow from home

- Group exercise classes both online and in person options

- 1:1 / 2:1 Personal training sessions

To find out a little more about how I work - click on any of the links in the menu or drop me a message for a chat

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Post Natal Pilates Review


"I have now attended two courses of Jo’s in person postnatal pilates and I have enjoyed every class. Jo’s knowledge is incredible and made each class fun, if you find something particularly easy she can make it harder so you push yourself. I have felt and seen results which I’m over the moon about and being able to bring your babies into class means you don’t need to worry about childcare. It’s also lovely to meet other mums. I will be returning in the future, thanks Jo!!"

1:1 Session Review


I’ve just completed my first block of post natal Pilates and I am so grateful to have found Jo. She has a genuine passion for supporting women and health. Her 1-2-1 sessions have been fabulous to regain confidence at my most exhausted with my body feeling broken after pregnancy and CS. The classes are calm, professional and friendly. Lots of advice on how to make things easier or harder and all with smiles and warmth. I can’t wait to continue in 2022!

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