The Motherhood Movement delievers both in person local classes and online bespoke programmes designed by Pregnancy, Post Natal and Women's Health specialist Joanna Diplock.


The workouts are designed to deliver quality and time effective workouts for busy mums and mums to be wanting to empower you to feel in control of your fitness and body. Our aim is to take you one step at a time to full fitness and heal pelvic floor, abdominals and restore full core function along  the way regardless of what stage of the journey you are at 


We use a mix of Pilates and full body movements to heal the core because that's what real life looks like. Ever been told not to deadlift or squat with a weak pelvic floor?  You are already performing these movements in life everyday - let us teach you know how to do them effectively and safely.


As there's no one size fits all we approach our classes, 1:1 sessions and online programes by bespoking the exercises to suit you. This means taking into account your history, current situation and future goals

What are others saying about 

The Motherhood Movement?

 "I was sobbing with pain and on constant pain relief. I havent taken a single tablet since she left! She spent along time with me discussing my situation and working out the best plan for my body. She taught me exercises and monitored me through them and left me with a fab app that details them i dont have to remember! Its a good log system too for yourself"

- Caroline Mason


"I absolutely love the Motherhood Movement! The app is amazing, so easy to use and I find it simple to fit in one of Jo's workouts whilst my little boy is down for a nap. I've seen some amazing results so far and can't wait to carry on practicing and helping to heal my post baby body whilst getting fitter safely.
Also love the support Jo gives which is invaluable, she's always around to answer any questions and super supportive. Thank you Jo"

-Megan Lawless

"What this lady can identify with your body amazes me, things I didn't even realise I was doing! but it all made sense and excited me that problems I had come to accept as my norm I no longer had to accept. I saw a difference within just 2 weeks that I hadn't seen with 6 months of medical help. This along with Jo's ability to make you feel comfortable, at ease and empowered makes for a breath of fresh air"

-Emma Daniels

"I've just started with The Motherhood Movement to get strong, and healthy again after my babies; it's so easy to sign up and there's even videos to follow"

-Lucy Nash-Jones

"The online support you receive is exactly what I needed - it really does make the difference between getting the results you want and wasting your time watchng endless You Tube clips guessing."

-Charlotte Chuggan

Joanna Diplock

Joanna is a Pregnancy, Post Natal and Women's Health specialist interested in all aspects of women's health who understands the challenges that parenthood can bring both mentally and physically to your health and fitness.


She writes and delivers programmes both online and in person specifically designed for women to help them train smarter for their bodies, hormones and being a mother herself - with their time demands in mind



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