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Summer Circuits

Booking now for 29th July 12-12:45pm 6 week course

Summer Circuits 

Every year clients say to me - "it's hard to fit in my workouts over the summer holidays with my children around" - and it's true! It is really is!


That's why this year I'm planning to run a brand new class on Fridays 12-12:45 at Henlow Pavilion. A small group PT class with outside class support included


"Summer circuits" - A mum friendly (pregnancy/postpartum/rehab but also really suitable for fitness beyond) and children (including older ones) welcome class. 


A class designed to be fun, burn calories, increase muscle tone and improve your fitness and make some space for yourself over the summer holidays.


The class will build in intensity over the 6 weeks but be suitable for all levels at all stages. Simply pick the level of work you want to do.


 Instead of having to pick your fitness back up in September think instead how strong you could be by September. All the exercises will be put into a programme for you that you'll be able to do in class but also complete at home with recorded videos for technique. So if you miss a week because you are away no problem - minimal equipment is needed so you can take your workout with you or do it another day that week.


Class spaces will be limited and go on a first come, first served basis. Course spaces must be pre-booked prior to joining. 


Starting 29th July - 2nd September 12-12:45

£50 for the 6 weeks

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