Pelvic Floor Rehab Programme

Sneezing/coughing and impact giving you adverse effects down below? Are you having hip/back pain? Pain during intercourse or struggling with continence? Do you feel pressure or heaviness in the pelvic region? Perhaps you've been diagnosed with a hypertonic pelvic floor?

Everyone is unique and their programmes should be tailored accordingly. You'll have a monthly video consultation with me and be given appropriate and guided exercises to complete inbetween sessions to progress your strength 


The pelvic floor is an under appreciated muscle until it's no longer working optimally. It's absolutely time to change things if you need to restore your pelvic floor. This bespoke programme will talk you through the contradictions of some sports and exercises and guide you through finding adaptations, so you can continue with and get back to the fitness you love with safe and effective workouts.

No minimum sign up, you can stay on the programme as long as you like as it will keep rolling until you let me know you'd like to cancel

Who's this programme for?

Mums who..

  • Want an online, based easy to use programme that you can complete at any time with support for less than £2 per day

  • Who want to strengthen their pelvic floor

  • Want to stop stress incontinence 

  • Want to reduce heaviness or pressure on the pelvic floor

  • Want to do a safe and effective whole body workout 

  • Want to workout at any time, any place - the app makes this workout totally mobile so you can access at any time to suit you - travelling/working away - no problem

  • Want to how to fuel your body with nutrition to help increase your energy levels, ave better quality of sleep and aid healing to your pelvic floor 

  • Want to learn and understand what daily habits might be holding you back from progressing with other exercises you've already tried

  • Want more than a list of exercises to complete 

  • Want a workout you can complete in your own time - short and longer workouts to suit the time you have

*Please note that my online services are only available to those based in the UK and Ireland

£39 per  month


The Motherhood Movement programmes all require you to have completed your GP sign off appointment prior to beginning. You should always consult your medical professional before embarking on any new exercise regime


By embarking on the programmes you agree that you are;


  • Over 18 years of age

  • Have an active email and Facebook account and are happy to join the online support group for assistance should you need it

  • Are responsible for informing us you wish to cancel - without informing us the programme will continue to roll (and of course you'll still have access to it) even after your schedule finishes

  • Responsible for ensuring that you are capable of joining and continuing with a programme from a health and fitness perspective. If you unsure or suffer from any medical condition please seek advice from a health professional prior to beginning a programme.

  • Responsible for informing us of any medical conditions or injuries (no matter how small they may seem) that may require modifications to your programme 

  • Responsible for contacting your health professional should you become unwell or injured 

  • Understand that The Motherhood Movement does not qualify as medical advice and we always recommend a post birth check up from a women's health physio - such practitioners can be found locally here -

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