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Play is often thought of only for children, but play for adults is critical in our stressful go-go-go lives. Play has been shown to release endorphins, improve brain functionality and stimulate creativity. 

In a world where we follow our habits and common movement patterns without much question we often end up with stiffness and weakness through certain muscles groups. This programme is designed to encourage us to re-think how we move, re-think why we move and re-think the feeling we can have whilst moving. 

Whilst not an entry level programme for pregnancy or women with specific dysfunctions, it is like all the rest of my workouts designed to suit women building on their fitness, core strength and flexibility. (Suitable for anyone from Movement level 1 and up - contact me directly if you are unsure)

Working out alongside me in my videos you'll have the access to higher and lower intensity options and as each workout is around 10 minutes long you will then have the option to circuit the workouts over to increase your fitness and strength as you have energy and time

A workout your children will want to join in with - change up your workouts for something new

Save and log your progress as you go with the knowledge you are always under my support and visit our online support group for 1:1 question support at any time, whilst meeting other like-minded other new mums to help motivate and guide each other. Need a modification or have a question - I will be there to answer - that's all free and inclusive of any of my online programmes

3 month minimum sign up to complete the full programme and then you can stay on the programme as long as you like as it will keep rolling until you let us know you'd like to cancel

Who's this programme for?

    Women who..

  • Want an online, based easy to use programme that you can complete at any time with support for less than £2 per day

  • Anyone who would be ready for Movement level 1 and upwards

  • Want to re-establish your core/pelvic floor connection

  • Want a pelvic floor and diastasis recti safe workout

  • Want to build core strength, fitness, strength and flexibility

  • Want to address your mindset and motivation

  • Want better energy levels and more restful sleep

  • Want to use muscles you don't usually use and train for mindful functional movement in life

  • Want to meet and gain support from other like minded mothers in the same situations in our online community

  • Want more than just a set of exercises to do - our programmes allow you to get feedback on form and support you with queries at any time

  • Want a number of workouts to both progress yourself when you are ready but also for different lengths of time 

  • Want an online based programme - no requirement for a gym, you could take the programme wherever you go - working away? travelling? no problem

  • Want an exercise that feels fun and your children may wish to join in with

  • Want to re-think how your body moves

£39 per  month


The Motherhood Movement programmes all require you to have completed your GP sign off appointment prior to beginning. You should always consult your medical professional before embarking on any new exercise regime


By embarking on the programmes you agree that you are;


  • Over 18 years of age

  • Are responsible for informing us you wish to cancel - without informing us the programme will continue to roll (and of course you'll still have access to it) even after your schedule finishes

  • Responsible for ensuring that you are capable of joining and continuing with a programme from a health and fitness perspective. If you unsure or suffer from any medical condition please seek advice from a health professional prior to beginning a programme.

  • Responsible for informing us of any medical conditions or injuries (no matter how small they may seem) that may require modifications to your programme 

  • Responsible for contacting your health professional should you become unwell or injured 

  • Understand that The Motherhood Movement does not qualify as medical advice and we always recommend a post birth check up from a women's health physio - such practitioners can be found locally here -

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